Project Results
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Project Results


The AES is committed to making sure that every dollar it receives is wisely spent. The AES Projects Committee keeps busy trying to get good sound
projects that the AES can fund or work on for the benefit of Arizona's elk.



The best project scenario is one that allows us to locate matching dollars. The committee gets the opportunity to review many projects and takes great pride on the matter of dollar effectiveness. By seeking out and pooling resources a $10,000 commitment can produce $20,000 worth of work or more.


As of June 2010 AES has funded $2,500,000 of projects 
and has received matching funds of over $10,800,000 
for total projects valued at $13,376,000 


In the Accomplishments section you will see the projects we have developed over the years.  In each case study we showcase how these projects have translated into many win - win situations for people who live and work in the area, hunters and others who just wish to enjoy our great Arizona outdoors and especially the elk of Arizona.    

If you want to help in our on-going work projects; check out the Get Involved page.

 Past Accomplishments


Other groups marvel at the involvement of our members and they ask how we do it.

2007_Spring_fence_removal_a_jpgIt is quite simple, we plan and actively share with our members the tasks that  we do. We understand who our stakeholders are and keep them informed on our activities.  Then we work with other conservation organizations plus state and federal agencies tasked to support the land and wildlife, seeking to develop strong partner relationships.   Whether the task is working in the fields of Arizona to improve habitat for wildlife or it is working on an educational project for youth or fellow hunters, it is fun to work together and share our skills. 

The founding members of Arizona Elk Society saw the need to give back in order to help the Arizona elk population and its habitat.  The method they promoted were activities done  "hands on" and "hand-in-hand" with our partners to truly benefit all members of the team and not just ourselves, thus the total team become stronger.   Our members enjoy this approach and come out and help showing their support.

This is the Arizona Elk Society, a group that takes its mission to heart; showing by action what is means to a group of hunters who are true conservationists with a very clear objective to preserve the hunting heritage for future generations...

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