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Eagle Scout Projects Program


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In an effort to get more Boy Scouts involved in wildlife conservation the Arizona Elk Society

has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service, Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Boy Scouts.

The Eagle Scout Project Program is designed to offer outdoor wildlife related projects that

will challenge the Boy Scouts working to attain their Eagle Scout status.



This program has a direct tie into the AZGFD new Eagle and Gold Scout hunting license for the scouts. Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts who have
reached the highest level in their organization, and up to and through the calendar year of their 20th birthday, can now get a reduced fee
Honorary Scout combination hunting and fishing license (Class F). Recipients of the Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of Scouts of America
and Girl Scouts who have achieved the Gold Award are eligible for this reduced fee license.


Those wishing to obtain this license will need to complete the Honorary Scout License application and present the
required documentation at any Department office will qualify for the reduced fee of $5.


Associated with this new class of license, the Department has launched a partnership with outdoor groups like the Arizona Elk Society.
The AES will give the scouts a free annual membership to our organization. This partnership will allow the Scouts to become
part of the AES to help them learn about hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation.

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