The AES is committed to making sure that every dollar it receives is wisely spent. The AES Projects Committee keeps busy trying to get good sound projects that the AES can fund or work on for the benefit of Arizona's elk.


The best project scenario is one that allows us to locate matching dollars. The committee gets the opportunity to review many projects and takes great pride on the matter of dollar effectiveness. By seeking out and pooling resources a $10,000 commitment can produce $20,000 worth of work or more.

As of June 2010 AES has funded $2,500,000 of projects
and has received matching funds of over $10,800,000
for total projects valued at $13,376,000




In the Accomplishments section you will see the projects we have developed over the years.  In each case study we showcase how these projects have translated into many win - win situations for people who live and work in the area, hunters and others who just wish to enjoy our great Arizona outdoors and especially the elk of Arizona.    

If you want to help in our on-going work projects; check out the Get Involved page.