Proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument

From the Arizona Elk Society and the Arizona Alliance of Responsible Land Users:

The Arizona Elk Society has been working on this issue since 2010. Our Letter to Legislators and decision makers is on our website under the issue tabs.

For the past few months many of our followers and supporters have asked if we can provide talking points and information other than our letter. The big question that always comes up is “What can I do?” The Department has compiled a list of issues and concerns relative to Monument designation. For your consideration you can use this information should you choose to contact the decision makers of this action.

Here is what you can do. The elected officials that are the decision makers for this issue are listed below. You need to individually write and call these people and let them know how you feel about the Grand Canyon National Monument designation.

Please take the time to “GET INVOLVED”, these issues will determine the future of land use and access in Arizona. Use the points in this document to draft your comments then send it. If you do this please take a minute and let us know that you did this so we can keep track of the numbers and use those numbers when we are speaking with others.