Steve SchaeferSteve Schaefer

My passion for the outdoors began while growing up in Wyoming. This interest in outdoor pursuits, most notably hunting, backpacking, and mountain biking has led to many great adventures. I’m certain there are many more to come as seldom does a day pass, when I am not training or otherwise preparing for one if not all of these interests.

I have been volunteering with the Arizona Elk Society for many years and have enjoyed working with like minded people on projects from removing old grazing fences to tree thinning. I have been involved with the AES Sawyers since the original certification in 2013. Most recently, I have been more involved as a field supervisor with the Sawyers.

My 20 year career as a mining engineer has provided me the opportunity to work at a number of different mining operations in various engineering and leadership roles. A recent three year assignment in northern Chile, gave me a new perspective and much greater appreciation for our American Hunting and Public Lands Heritage.

This new found perspective has inspired me to become more involved in helping protect and promote wild things and wild places. I I believe in the mission of the AES and I work hard to promote the safe execution of the AES mission. .