Richard MoracaRichard Moraca


I moved here when I was 3 and have called AZ my home ever since. I grow up in a non-hunting family. So I learned to hunt and fish on my own or by reading Outdoor Life as a kid. Bought my first gun when I was 14 at Woolco. Since I learned to hunt on my own if there has been a mistake to be made I have made it, probable several times. I went on to get a degree in Electrical Engineering and have had a very good career as an engineer in the implantable medical device industry. I look forward to helping out on the board of directors for AES.

I have been a member of AES since 2008 (?) and have been actively involved over the last year or so. I’m the sawyer communications person and a certified B sawyer. I have enjoyed the rewards of recreating meadows for wildlife habitat improvements. I have also been an alternative on the board for the AZSFWC and well as member of other wildlife organizations.