Christopher K. LutzelTreasurer: Christopher K. Lutzel

I became a member of the Arizona Elk Society after attending the AES Elk Clinic in July 2009. I was impressed with the curriculum, speakers, information, and the organization as a whole. Since then, I have attended 4 banquets-the last 2 as a volunteer for the Banquet Committee. I have helped raise thousands of dollars in donations, and am committed to working harder on fundraising for AES.

In addition, I usually attend at least 2 or more work projects each year, volunteer at Sportsman’s shows to voice the AES Mission, donate my own funds to water projects, and raffles. My next ambition is to become a certified sawyer for our work projects in cooperation with the USFS, and fellow AES sawyers.

As a Board Member, my focus will be on new recruitment of members, fundraising for our annual banquet, growth of the organization through grants, fiscal responsibility, and other ideas to improve the Arizona Elk Society.