Patrick WeisePatrick Weise

Hello, my name is Patrick Weise. I live in Mesa Arizona. I own and operate a small landscape company in Scottsdale Az. which has been in business for 27 years. We service 300 accounts year round. We have been in business that long because of our high morals, customer attentiveness, and fair business practices. I hate to say it, but I am good with people. I have a degree in Business Management, but that has no bearing on the real life experiences of problem solving and keeping the bottom dollar in check.

I have been working on elk restoration projects with AES for about the last six years now. I am passionate about elk, wildlife, and everything in nature. I bust my butt on each and every work project, show up to help at the banquet all three days, asking nothing in return. I passionately believe that AES needs to keep getting kids involved in wildlife with their current projects. I know this from real life experience; having already raised three boys into adulthood. Personal belief: TV, internet, consoles, and computers are a terrible way to raise a child. If you have read one or two of my articles in the Tracker—full of pictures—you already know how deep my passion runs and how much I love this group of people.

I have never been on any Board of Directors. I am not a qualified superhero candidate. I am sure with all the choices, many other candidates are better suited than myself. I am a humble man of few words until I am put into a leadership role and given the capacity to make decisions and lead. Then I converse with colleges, form a best game plan, and dictate how best it should be carried out with input from others. I can fulfill this vacancy with conviction and not choose sides. From personal observations at board meetings, I believe a new common man with no addenda, could help make wise decisions on future events. What’s best for AES, its current and future members, will get my vote. Thank you for considering this appointment.


Patrick Weise