The support of our community is critical to ensuring that people today and 100 years from now have the opportunity to connect with nature and will get to experience our
state’s natural resources firsthand. By  becoming a donor, you become a  stakeholder in this important endeavor that is essential to the future habitat of Arizona.

The Arizona Elk Society is a not-for-profit corporation overseen by a volunteer board of directors composed of community leaders. Click here for more information on the board of directors.

We hope that you, too, will join a community that has shown a Commitment to Caring and help ensure that the Arizona Elk Society will remain strong and ready to serve the conservation and wildlife needs of Arizona. And for those who have been generous donors in the past or want to become a donor, we will be very grateful for your continued support today. Your gift will be tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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There are a number of other ways you can give:

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Giving Cash

Most of the contributions to AES are cash - which is the easiest gift for a donor to make and for our organization to receive. If tax deductions are itemized, the IRS allows a tax deduction of up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Any excess deduction can also be carried forward up to five years.

Giving Appreciated Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate

A gift of publicly traded appreciated securities, bonds, employee stock options, and/or real estate to the Arizona Elk Society qualifies for special tax benefits. Transferring assets rather than selling them and donating the proceeds have a distinct tax advantage: it makes the legal avoidance of the capital gains tax possible while also enabling the donor to claim a full charitable deduction. Additionally, since the Arizona Elk Society is a nonprofit charitable organization, it can sell appreciated assets tax-free, thereby netting more revenues for the Society.

Giving Through a Bequest

By putting the Arizona Elk Society in your will, you can be sure that your assets are well invested in the land and children we serve. At some time or another, most people consider executing a will or living trust to ensure that their wishes are carried out and to avoid intestacy, in which the government allocates assets to heirs by law. Besides simplifying the administration of the estate and avoiding probate difficulties, a well-drawn living trust can save taxes and provide meaningful and long-lasting benefits to future generations of patients at Arizona Elk Society. Bequests also create tax credits for heirs to your estate.

Donors may specify a program or service for their bequest to benefit, or they can allow AES to use the funds where there is the greatest need. Bequests may be made for an exact amount or designated as a residual amount after payment of estate taxes. The Arizona Elk Society can be named as a specific, contingent or residual beneficiary.

Matching Giving Programs

You may not be aware but there are hundreds of business and corporations that will match your gift fully or in part that you make to a nonprofit organization. Click here for a list of companies that we know will match your gift. If your company is not listed contact your company’s human resources or community relations departments to see if they have a Corporate Matching Program.

Giving Through Life Income Agreements

The Charitable Gift Annuity and Charitable Remainder Trust are options that create a significant legacy for the future while generating income for life. They eliminate the delay and costs of probate, and generate lifetime income and tax deductions for the donor(s). When the contract matures, what is left goes to the Arizona Elk Society as a memorial in their name(s).

The Charitable Gift Annuity gives the donor substantial current tax and income benefit while also helping the Arizona Elk Society. It is a charitable contribution in exchange for a contract to pay a certain percent of the contributed gift to the donor for life. For example, in exchange for an asset such as a stock portfolio or cash converted into a charitable gift annuity, the donor receives an annuity payable for life. The donor may receive greater income than previously afforded by the earnings of the stock portfolio and is also entitled to a charitable deduction. Part of each payment is tax-free.

The Charitable Remainder Trust is a great way to get a lifetime income from your assets. This works well with assets that have gone up in value (because you save capital gains taxes), as well as cash. When you set up and fund an irrevocable trust such as this, you get a partial charitable income tax deduction. After you (and your spouse) pass away, the assets left in the trust come to Arizona Elk Society as a memorial in your name(s).

Giving an Endowment

Endowed gifts to the Arizona Elk Society are invested prudently. The annual income they produce can be designated by the donor for the general benefit of Arizona Elk Society or dedicated for a specific purpose or program. The Endowment principal itself is never spent and continues to provide needed resources year after year. Endowments can be named in honor of the donor or others you wish to designate.

Giving Retirement Benefits

Pensions, retirement plans, 401 (K) plans, IRAs and other tax deferred instruments offer one of the most attractive vehicles for charitable giving. When left to heirs, these assets are subject to substantial income tax. If you leave other assets to heirs, these assets can be left to the Arizona Elk Society with no tax liability incurred.

Giving a Life Estate Agreement on your Home

Some of our generous friends leave a bequest of part or all of their home to Arizona Elk Society. If you are planning on doing this, you may want to also consider a Life Estate Agreement. By making the transfer now, you receive a very significant charitable income tax deduction, available for such irrevocable agreements. You continue to live in and maintain your home, just as you are doing now. At your passing, the property comes to Arizona Elk Society. The only change is that your income taxes are much less. If you can't use all of the deduction in one year, you can carry forward any excess for up to five additional years (six years total).

Giving Life Insurance

The Arizona Elk Society can be designated as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or new policy. Life insurance and annuities offer ways to make significant contributions either in regular or fixed amounts or as one large payment. There are several options for giving life insurance: (1) give the policy's yearly cash dividend, (2) make cash contributions equal to the annual insurance premiums after a partially paid policy has been transferred to the Arizona Elk Society, or (3) transfer beneficial ownership of a fully paid-up policy to the Arizona Elk Society when your need for the insurance protection is no longer required. Naming Arizona Elk Society as beneficiary in a new or existing insurance policy today ensures a substantial future gift that enables Arizona Elk Society to continue its vital work. Insurance premium costs are low and there are also tax advantages.

Giving Information

For more information on charitable giving opportunities at Arizona Elk Society, please call the Arizona Elk Society at 602-492-5319 or e-mail .

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