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by Steve Clark


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2020 was a bad year for rainfall yet 2021 is on the path to becoming a year of severe drought for Arizona.

The Arizona Elk Society (AES) water haulers have been hauling–with a few days off here and there to let the mud dry from small rainstorms–pretty much weekly since the beginning of this year. Without enough time to get all our equipment repaired and ready, we had to dive right in hauling water for wildlife.


IMG 2319AES is on course for hauling more water than ever this year. We have received a grant to purchase another Dykstra Machinery water trailer from Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation, who receive funds from the sale of the Arizona conservation license plate. The funds are granted to organizations like AES for habitat, projects youth programs and more leading to better habitat and youth education in Arizona. Get your license plates updated to wildlife conservation plates and help make a difference for wildlife, youth and morein our state. More information can be found here: plate-2/

IMG 2827At left, pictures from trail cameras show the many species of wildlife that use and depend on the water catchments we haul to. This AES program is crucial to the survival of elk and many other wildlife species.Thanks to Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation and Dykstra Machinery in Casa Grande; the AES water haulers–without you there would be a huge loss of available water for wildlife!


IMG 2642If you are interested in volunteering, we are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help haul water and fix many of the old, non-working water catchments across elk range in Arizona. Please visit and sign up to volunteer.