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     The mission of the Arizona Elk Society is to benefit elk and other wildlife by generating resources for habitat conservation and restoration, and to preserve our hunting heritage for present and future generations. Whether the task is working in the fields of Arizona to improve habitat for wildlife or it's working on an educational project for youth or fellow hunters and Heroes we complete tasks with detication and passion to make Arizona a better place. The Arizona Elk Society is a registered Arizona non-profit organization and funds our programs from donations from generous people like you.

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The founding members of Arizona Elk Society saw the need to give back in order to help the Arizona elk population and its habitat. That is being continued by current members and volunteers.

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Many water catchments were built decades ago and are in need of repair and are also lacking sufficient capacity to hold water during extended dry periods. Like the one we are in now.



Arizona Elk Society is committed to providing Arizona youth programs for present and future generations, working with youngsters that show an interest in outdoor activities..



The AES “Heroes Rising Outdoors®” mission is to provide Outdoor opportunities to Arizona veterans who have been left with a disability while in the service of our nation’s military.